Series Overview

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Jairus Cares for His Daughter

Children and parents will know that Jairus loved his daughter and trusted Jesus to make her well.

At the conclusion of this lesson, the children will be thankful for the parents and caregivers God has given them. They will know that God helps their parents and caregivers care for them. Parents will know that they can trust God, who loves and cares for their children. He will help them care for their children, too.

Suggestion: If you have a number of children who will not be able to have a parent present for parent night, consider asking some of the senior members of your church (or other available children’s workers) to participate. Pair up the children who don’t have a parent or other adult accompanying them with one of the adults. This adult should serve as their partner for the evening. This is a great way to get others in your church involved in your group and to help all of the children enjoy this special time.

Jesus Wants to Be Our Friend

Children will know that God’s Word says Jesus wants to be their friend. They will begin to understand that Jesus loves them so much that He gave His life for them.

At the conclusion of this lesson, the children will have the opportunity to accept the gift of salvation.

The Wise Men Worship Jesus

Children will know that the wise men traveled a long way to find Jesus. They will understand that the wise men wanted to find Jesus so they could worship Him. The children will begin to understand what it means to worship Jesus.

At the conclusion of this lesson, the children will name a way they can worship Jesus in the coming week.

Thomas Believes in Jesus

Children will understand that Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection were real. They will learn that Thomas believed Jesus was alive when he was able to touch the nail prints in Jesus’ hands and put his hand in Jesus’ side.

At the conclusion of this lesson, the children will understand that they can believe and know, as Thomas did, that Jesus is alive because God’s Word, the Bible, says He came back to life on the third day. The children will also say a prayer of thanks that they can know Jesus is alive.

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